Consulting Services


Escribimos.com offers consulting services for companies and individuals with something to say in written form. Contact escribimos.com with your idea, your project, or the materials based on which you wish to do research, develop a manual, create promotional leaflets, develop a newsletter, create web content, or any other task involving writing, and we will help you.

Our team includes professionals with a strong research and writing background in a broad range of areas and subjects such as Social Sciences, Humanities, Marketing, Medicine, Laws, Business Administration, and Advertising, among others.

Corporate Services

Communication Strategy
Communication is the basic interaction by which customers, suppliers, and human resources relate to your company. Escribimos.com can help enhance communications between your company and third parties based on your strategic goals, by means of assessment studies, corporate image surveys, and corporate communication planning tailored to your company’s needs.

Based on your communication strategy, we can help you to develop internal marketing manuals, house organs, and corporate bulletins.

Web Content
Companies with a web presence have come to realize that specialization can contribute to the quality of websites, and that customers value content greatly. We can produce and provide content based on a communication strategy that considers your company’s philosophy and position. We produce and provide content related to education, health, economics, business administration, marketing, general knowledge, humanities, and current affairs, among others.

Content Selection and News Summaries 
Escribimos.com offers weekly, biweekly and monthly content selection and news summary services based on your search parameters and your specific purposes. We have an extensive database with valuable information including academic research papers, government and international organization research reports, and global media reports.

Special Research
Your company’s decision-making requires much more than information on your target audience, competitors, technological innovation and socio-economic and cultural contexts. Escribimos.com adapts to the goals of your strategic planning and undertakes research on the different basic elements that make up your company’s dynamics.


Services for Professionals

Special Research 
Some of the tasks we have carried out in this category are related to the following fields: Health service management Media Product launches Hotel management Distance education History of advertising Local cultures in the age of globalization Drug policy in Argentina Football and identity Organizational change in the light of social psychology


Services for Students

Thesis Projects 
Based on your field and interests, we will help you define the following variables for your thesis: goals, hypothesis, subject justification, identification of the issue to research, originality and feasibility, implementation of variables, theoretical frame, sampling, research method and bibliography.

Consulting and Research
Based on your subject, we will help you define every step of the research process, and we will help you develop field work if necessary, including tools to the creation of surveys, implementation of variables, selection of indicators, and data analysis.

 Thesis Workshop
If writing your thesis is not your strong point, you can communicate your idea to us and we will help you translate your project to paper.

Editing and Proofreading Services

If you need help with a book you will publish, we can proofread, advise you on structure, create reviews and prologues, and edit books in digital and traditional format.

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